NYC: My Top 5 Places To Go

1. Magnolia Bakery: From the cakes, cupcakes, cookies and not to mention the amazing coffee there is no better accessory than a goodie from Magnolia Bakery.


2. The Dutch Restaurant: Located in SoHo ,and the perfect place to take a break from shopping the trendy stores that SoHo has to offer. Plus, the food is to die for!


3. The Housing Works Bookstore Cafe: Also located in SoHo, this bookstore makes me want to curl up in one of their comfy leather chairs and read some sappy poetry. Definitely worth a visit!


4. Ina: This is a perfect example of one of those trendy stores in SoHo. Although this is a consignment store it is still very pricey. However, being the designer clothing enthusiast that I am, I still had a lot of fun sifting through the barely used designer threads. From the autographed Louboutin heels to the tweed Chanel dress I was in love the moment I stepped through the door.


5. Fifth Avenue: I included this entire street because honestly I could spend an entire day strutting up and down this street, staring lustfully into store windows such as Tiffany’s, Fendi and Prada.



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