Cute, Easy, and Cheap Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


With Mother’s Day exactly a week away, we are all rushing around to find the absolute perfect present to show our mommas just how much we appreciate how much they do for us. However, some of us may not be able to afford the silver, engraved bracelet with her birthstone on it, so here are some cute (and cheap) Mother’s Day gifts that are sure to make her melt.

1. Flowers! I love having fresh flowers around to bring some color to the house. Although flowers are perfect anytime, a colorful arrangement of her favorite flowers will really show her that you care.

2. DIY Bath Fizzies! I don’t know about your mom, but mine is always running around sacrificing her free time to help us out. Chances are, she hasn’t had a bubble bath in quite awhile and giving her these bath fizzles will add to the relaxing experience. Not only do they leave your skin smooth, but they also are homemade which adds a little bit of love to the gift. There are tons of DIY recipes for bath fizzles but I have included my favorite below.


3. DIY Cards! My little sister and I have been making cards for family members on the holidays since before I remember. Putting in the time and effort to decorate and write out a nice, heartfelt card telling how much you appreciate her will bring tears to her eyes.

4. Breakfast In Bed! This will always be a classic. Your mother has made you breakfast for years and this time its your turn. So set your alarm for a little earlier then surprise her in bed with a delicious homemade breakfast.


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