Summertime Daily Routine


I love the summertime. Its a great time to relax before school starts up again and although some days are better than others, I try to keep a steady routine.

First things first, when I wake up and wash my face which I recommend doing a lot in the summertime because of the sweat, sunscreen and makeup that builds up in your pores. If you are in a hurry makeup remover wipes (I like the ones from Neutrogena) also work really well. Second, I put on my workout gear (I am obsessed with Lululemon and Nike Pro) and my Brooks running sneakers and go for a run. I have to run every morning because I am training for my second half marathon in October as well as it being the best way to stay in shape. After that, I shower and do my hair, I use all the Ouidad products because I’ve never had anything else work that good with my hair. In the summer I try to keep my makeup simple and low maintenance. I don’t like to use mascara unless I am going somewhere fancy because when i jump in the pool in ends up on my cheeks. I love my Loreal products and mostly just brush on some eyeshadow in brownish-pink tones as well as some blush on my cheeks. I then check out my instagram page (which you can check out @pinkrosesbrowncurls) where I try my best to keep my followers updated on what I am doing and wearing. Sometimes I also use this time to blog. I then have breakfast, lately since I have been in Tennessee I have been spoiled with big home cooked breakfasts, but when I am home I like smoothies, whole grain toaster waffles with peanut butter and every once in awhile some egg whites. After I figure out what I am doing that day I pick out what I am going to wear.  In the Tennessee heat I have been wearing lots of shorts and tank tops with my sunglasses (from Loft) and baseball caps (both from American Eagle) . I normally have a pretty full day so when I finally get to relax I might watch a movie with my cousin, we are girls so we love the chick flicks, you know the classics, How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days, She’s the Man, and A Cinderella Story. After getting my beauty sleep my day starts all over again.


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