Summer Concert Style: Festival


Those of us not fortunate enough to attend Coachella were flooded on all of our social media with pictures of flowy kimonos, flower crowns, crop tops and cutoff denim. This summer if you have a chance to attend one of these concerts feel free to break out and try some of these looks.


Paris and Nicky Hilton rocked these all white ensembles which kept them cool in this chic yet hipster twist.


As if we didn’t envy Gigi Hadid and her amazing style already, the fringes and the cutoff shorts mixed with the layered jewelry and not to mention the body jewels. We can all take a note from her concert style this summer.


These denim cutoffs mixed with the Calvin Klein set has been all over Tumblr and we are jealous over this girl’s perfect tan skin, not to mention the stacked bracelets add to her festival style.


This season the boho style has been popular especially the paisley print and flowery print and mixed with this flowing style it perfectly embraces festival concert style. The gladiator sandals top off the look and these can be added to any outfit and add an edgy twist to any ensemble.


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