Be A Sensible Sun Goddess This Summer

If you have skin as pale and sensitive as mine then you know how easy it is to get burnt after just a few hours under the rays. Its important to wear sunscreen and other protective gear, such as hats in order to shield yourself.

1. Self-Tanner: Its a proven fact tan skin shows off muscle tone and hides imperfections, altogether making your body look better. However, laying out in the sun can be risky so try a self tanner this season if you are naturally challenged at getting tan. Try L’Oréal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Serum, $11,


2. Keep It Quenched: There are so many ways to keep your skin hydrated this summer. First, exfoliate often so that you can shed those dead skin cells leaving skin refreshed and moisturized, (just be gentle). Also this shouldn’t be too hard if you are on a beach ;). Second, applying moisturizer to your face is extremely important in morning and before you go to bed at night. A moisturizer with SPF is a bonus during the day but try a night cream to help sink in while you snooze.

During the day: try this moisturizer from the body shop for Vitamin E as well as protection from the sun. 
During the night: apply Burt’s Bees to have soft, smooth skin when you wake up. 

3. Makeup: Although makeup is not 100% effective against the sun, mineral makeup such as foundations, powders and eye shadows can help. However, makeup does tend to get wiped off throughout the day so its important that you start off with a base of a moisturizer containing SPF.

4. H20 (your new BFF): As temperatures rise drinking water becomes more and more imperative in order to avoid headaches and dizzy spells. Although, filtered water is recommended I love lots of crystal light flavors you can buy at any grocery store.

5. When the Damage is already done: Unfortunately you can’t turn back time, but there is no need to suffer in pain! Aloe vera is good for soothing ,but it can also speed up the process of peeling, ick. Try Dermalogica after sun repair, $33.



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