Keep Your Makeup From Melting Off in the Summer Heat


Its summertime! Which means sweating,swimming and other summer occurrences are unavoidable and unfortunately can do a number on your makeup. Especially on those sweltering days you know you are going to be outdoors keep these tips of the trade in mind.

Rule #1: Begin with a clean canvas, most of the time makeup melts off your face during the summer months because of the oil your face produces so start with a oil preventing cleanser.

Rule #2: Less is more, by this I mean it is no time to show off your smoky eye skill unless you want it all running down your face. I like to keep it simple by just adding some sparkle with some light brown eyeshadow and maybe just a tad bit of eyeliner.  Also, during these months I tend to skip foundation altogether, but if it is a must then only apply it where you absolutely need it. Lastly, pick a lipstick in a near to natural tone so you just get a perfect shine.

Rule #3: Skip the mascara, unless you have some kind of magical waterproof/lifeproof mascara (in which case I want to know about) its better to skip it. Mascara is a tricky thing to remove, until you jump in a pool and its running down you cheeks.

Rule #4: Its prime time, the same way a base coat makes your mani and pedi look better is the same way primer on your face works! It helps to fill in your pores, cover imperfections and help keep your makeup from running away later on.

Rule #5: Avoid touching your face throughout the day to avoid adding anymore oil which can not only cause your makeup to fall apart but can also lead to future breakouts.

Rule #6: Bring backup, in case of emergencies bring a small bag of makeup savers like blotting papers, powder, and your light lipstick which can also double as a blush, shhhh.


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