What Outfit You Should Wear For Each Workout and Why


Running: As a Cross Country and Track athlete I run a lot, all year long. Obviously this outfit is for a summer run. The braided back tank top (Forever 21) would be perfect for a run with its breezy material and open back. A supportive sports bra is also a necessity, feel free to get fancy with the straps and colors ( I like fabletics) . Although I have also ran in spandex and I love them, don’t get me wrong, I feel they are more for sprint workouts or racing whereas loose dry fit shorts are perfect for long runs, like the pink ones above, (Under Armor). Notice how I matched the shorts with the snazzy Brooks trainers? I actually own these shoes and they are amazing and super supportive for those who are like me and pound their heels when they run. Also, when you are pounding those miles out you’re going to need a watch to keep track of things like pace, heart rate, time passed and calories burned Garmin watches are worth the splurge if you are a serious runner. Lastly, Nothing is worse than flyways sticking to your sweaty face when you ru, keep them pulled back with a Nike headband that doubles by keeping sweat out of your eyes.


Biking: When I am not running, I love to attend a spin class. Its an amazing way to burn calories fast and jam to some awesome music. Bike shorts are a must have item when spinning and those who have gone without know why the next day when you can’t walk. Those who wear bike shorts are also aware of the awkward padding so I like to cover it up with a long and breezy tank top (VS Pink) while I’m sweating it out. Also, If you are a seasoned spinner then you probably have the clip in bike shoes but for those who aren’t you can wear pretty much any sneaker and just slide your foot in, but you know how I like my Brooks. Socks are also important because you want breathability and arch support as well. Lastly, a water bottle that stays put on your bike is a need like this fun pink one.


Yoga: On those cross training days Yoga is a great option because it stretches you and challenges you way more than you would think, trust me. For your yogi ensemble choose a pair of spandex that give you some wiggle room when you move into Warrior pose. You know how big a fan I am of tank tops when it comes to working out and this one from Nike is ideal. Pull your hair back into a messy braid to match your relaxed look and secure it with a wrap headband. Lastly, bring some comfy sandals and a yoga mat.


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