Fall Fashion Trends

Its finally starting to feel like fall in Ohio and if you are excited for the pumpkin flavored everything, candy corn, and of course caramel apples then you’re not alone. As we turn the page into the fall season, so must our clothing. Can’t wait to start wearing your cozy sweaters, skinny jeans and boots again? It’s not too early to bring your favorite autumn pieces out from their long hibernation in the depths of your closet. In fact, here are a few things trending that will add a little spice to your fall wardrobe.

  1. Go Boho

There was a large amount of bohemian printed clothing this summer. For example, if you saw the fashions worn to Coachella. However, these fun and bright prints have managed to make their way into the fall fashions. Just pair a fun print with an otherwise somewhat bland outfit to automatically make it more of an eye catcher. Some of my favorite ways to implement this is through a scarf or headband. So have fun with it and don’t be afraid to try something new!

  1. Put It In Neutral

Coco Chanel said,“Simplicity is the key note of all true elegance”. When it comes to clothing, less is more and although it’s fun to add bold patterns every once in awhile, it’s better to keep the colors neutral and add in pops of color. For example, the boho prints mentioned above are so busy they would have to be paired with something solid and simple. This fall, put it in neutral by wearing colors like white, black and beige that can be paired with almost anything, which also means you will get more out of your purchases.

  1. Fringe with Benefits

This fall fringed accessories are making their way off the runway and into our everyday style. Although fringe may seem like one of the trickier trends to pull off, it looks great on anything from cute ankle boots to jackets and even handbags.No matter how you wear it, the fringe effect adds a fun twist to your usual fall attire.

Fall is an exciting and one of my personal favorite times of year, therefore don’t be afraid to try these trends this season. I look forward to seeing them hit the hallways!


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