Three Brands I’m Loving At the Moment

If you’re tired of your clothes all looking the same, chances are, you need to branch out and stop shopping at the same three stores. Yes, I know we all have our own style, but if you haven’t heard of these stores yet, they are fairly inexpensive and carry some great essentials for the upcoming fall season.

  1. Tobi


Hip and not too expensive I am currently in love with this brand. Although not all its clothes may fit your school dress code, you will be sure to look extremely hot in these duds. Be sure to check out their new arrivals as well as their summer clothing that is currently on sale.

2. Dolce Vita


Attention fellow shoe lovers! With a large selection of boots for fall as well as heels for your weekend adventures, Dolce Vita has a plethora of shoes for you to choose from.

3. Cool and Interesting


This brand proves simplicity is beautiful with their delicate jewelry ranging from necklaces to initial rings. What’s even better? All of their jewelry is at a super reasonable price!


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