What your Starbucks order says about you

I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t be the only one that rehearses my Starbucks order in my head before going up to the barista right? We all pretty much have our faves, but what do they say about us? Other than of course you are willing to pay the price for coffee perfectly seasoned to your taste buds.

1. Black Coffee: Strong 


Just like this drink you are strong and slightly bitter. You can proudly strut into Starbucks and order your coffee and stick your nose up at the others sipping $5.00 worth of flavored cream through a straw. I also have admiration for crazy people like you that don’t have to count the calories.

2. Latte: Basic


Chances are you come to Starbucks a lot and you have your order memorized by heart. If even the slightest amount of foam is missing you can tell. Just like your drink you are perfectly balanced, sweet, yet sophisticated, and finished off with a kick.

3. Frappucino: Sweet 


There is no shame in ordering what tastes good! And hey, sometimes we just need a little sugar to perk us up right? Even though you may not be able to look the barista in the eye while ordering, just remember, as soon as they call your name you can make a dash for your car where you can sip your frap in peace. Just remember not to bump into any freshman girls walking up to grab their cotton candy Frappucino while your making your runaway dash.

4. Espresso: Fierce 


This drink says you’re a tough chick and you do not play around. You have stuff to get done, and you need this boost of energy to keep up with your killer confidence.

5. Mocha: Luxurious 


Your palet has been fine tuned to accept nothing, but the most velvety mixture on the Starbucks menu. Plus, a little chocolate helps get down the shot of espresso your shooting down.

6. Iced Coffee: Relaxed 


Like the ice cubes in this drink ,you are pretty chill. You have no problem waiting patiently in line for your drink and slowly sip your drink as you stir around the ice cubes and take in your surroundings.

7. Tea: Refreshing


Unlike coffee, tea gives you that refreshed, clean feeling that you give others and although its hard for the coffee addicted to comprehend, you do you boo.

No matter your drink preference, lets face it, Starbucks rocks. There is something for everyone, and its meant to be enjoyed so go ahead and treat yourself!


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