How to get away with a t-shirt and jeans, and still look fashionable.

If you follow all the stars on Instagram (Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner to name a few), then you know how effortless yet glamorous they make everything, including just a regular t-shirt and jeans. The fancy clothing you see on the runway could look slightly strange in the suburbs, but this, we can pull off.

Step 1: Invest in a quality t-shirt.

  • So many people wear t-shirts that are too tight or too loose or simply not the right shape for them. Granted, it may be hard to imagine spending over $20 on a t-shirt but I promise your image in the mirror will thank you and the better material will just fall better on your frame. Personally, I love these options from Madewell that are comfy enough for any occasion but still have style and for just $25.


Step 2: Find the perfect pair

  • So many people are afraid these days are afraid of moving up a size in jeans. Especially with the holidays right around the corner, we are all facing the struggle of resisting the sweets that seem to be inescapable. However, instead of doing a dance just to get your jeans above your knees, go a size up! Comfort is more important and not only will your legs thank you for new breathability, but so will everyone else. Your booty looks way cuter in jeans that actually fit. So don’t be afraid to size up, you can always get them tailored later if need be. Lastly, If you are shopping for jeans and decide to try them on, don’t limit yourself to just a front view. Do a 360 in the mirror and make sure they are snug in all the right places, just not too snug. I buy a lot of my jeans from American Eagle because they are low cost and fit very well. My legs are fan.



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