Snow Da(y)ze

If you’re like me, the only good part of snow dumping from the sky is the possibility of having a snow day. However, no snow day is complete without a few necessities. Whether you’re out shoveling driveways or cuddling up with hot cocoa and Netflix, here’s some essentials.

Going Out:

  1. Pom Pom Hats: I am a huge fan of these hats. They are fun while keeping you warm.


Buy this hat here (ON SALE):

2. Down Jackets: You can’t go wrong with one of these in the snow. Personally North Face is my favorite because they are made of such high quality materials and don’t look too puffy over even your everyday outfits.


Check out this jacket here:

3. Sorel Snow Boots:I don’t own a pair myself, but they are definitely on my wish list. They would look cute even with anything from leggings to your bulkiest pair of ski pants. Athleta has some great options!


Take a look here:

Staying In: 

Throw Blanket: Obviously an essential and the perfect color to go with any room decor and snowy white.


Buy it here:

Pajamas: PJ sets are my favorite, and these from JCrew provide something cute yet comfy to lay around in all day.


Shop here:

Cabin Socks: Honestly, I could do an entire blog post about these alone. They are amazing and the only way you can find out is by trying them yourself. I buy mine at Dick’s Sporting Goods because they are almost always buy one get one free and the only thing better than one pair of Cabin Socks, are two pairs.


Take a look here:

Snow days give us that much needed break in the smack dab of winter. These are just some suggestions to make them even better! Happy Snow Day.





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