Trends to Leave in 2015

Walking through the halls, I normally see some pretty good style choices. Everyone is still flaunting their brand new Christmas or Hanukkah gifts. However, there are some trends that leave me shaking my head. Here are some trends you might want to consider leaving behind as we move into 2016.

Lax Bro Hair: When I was brainstorming ideas for this article, this was the first trend that came to mind. Honestly, I’m confused how this even became a thing. Are guys just jealous of girls’ long hair? Do you just want an excuse to wear cute headbands? Do you think you’re going to get more girls if you look like Harry Styles? While there are a few girls that do find this trend attractive, the majority do not. Please, we’re begging you. Just chop it off.

Monogram Everything: Before you start tossing your monogrammed water bottles at me girls, let me explain. Don’t get me wrong, I think monogram merchandise is super cute, necklaces, lunch boxes, hats, backpacks, you name it. However, it has become a tad bit excessive, especially if you’re wearing it all in the same outfit. If you want to put some prep in your step, branch out. If you really need something extra, maybe replace it with a whale?  

Out There Uggs: Anyone who disses Uggs has obviously never sunk their feet into them, so I can tell you that I am in no way putting down the one shoe that made it acceptable to wear slippers in public. Even supermodels are sporting these boots; however, not once have I ever seen Kendall Jenner step out in a pair of pink sequin Ugg boots that look like they got attacked by a bedazzler.

High Waisted Everything: High waisted bottoms are by no means a new trend and I am aware that some girls swear by them. I get it, you can eat pizza and still keep it all in. However, some others find that this trend is outdone and simply unflattering. Some trends are meant to stay in the nineties folks.

Of course you are free to wear what you choose, no one is stopping you. Here are just some  suggestions I’ve come up with based off the input I’ve received. Trends are only temporary, don’t be afraid to try something new!



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