Why Fall is the Best Time of the Year (for fashion) and what to buy


Hey strangers! After a summer full of traveling and summer cross country practices not to mention babysitting and summer assignments, I am finally blogging again. It is now August which means back to school items are popping up everywhere and bikinis  are filling the clearance racks. Although summer gives you the chance to rock a tan in your denim cutoffs, fall simply provides so many more options. Walking through the halls also gives you the best opportunity to have everybody covet your back to school purchases. Make the most of this season with these ten items!

  1. Over the knee boots: Yes, these are still in. I don’t know what I would do without these and I love them endlessly throughout the fall and winter season. They are also incredibly versatile being able to be paired with jeans, leggings or even a dress/skirt.
  2. Bomber jacket: I don’t have one of these yet, but I have my eye on them. I am especially loving them in an army green color. Just imagine it with jeans and booties (insert heart eye emoji).
  3. Flare jeans: Don’t get me wrong I love my skinny jeans (as most petite girls do) but if I rock a heels (I prefer wedges) I can just pull off the flare jean style. I especially love when they’re high waisted due to the fact that fall is also the best time for coffee and pastries (something has to hold it in).
  4. FLANNELS: Sorry guys I got excited. These are amazing though because they go with so much and they can look somewhat put together, even if you are not. Not to mention that they are so comfy. My favorite brand of flannels is Brandy Melville which can also be found at Pacsun (an also amazing store for fall clothes).
  5. Turtlenecks: Why wear a scarf when you can be a fashion multitasker and stick your nose in your fuzzy turtleneck sweater when that biting fall wind blows by and knocks a few more colorful leaves off of the trees.
  6. Trench coats: Not too hot and not too cold they are chic and practical.
  7. Wide brimmed hats: IMG_9300.JPG

Perfect addition to any fall outfit. No further explanation needed.

8. Boyfriend jeans: Especially when they are artfully torn, they are perfectly paired with booties or cute sneakers. They are also comfy enough to wear to go grab coffee during a study session.

9. Baggy tees: Number eight is their perfect companion for the fall. Just make sure to wear layers because the weather is also delightfully unpredictable.

10. Starbucks: During the season of pumpkin spice lattes, a Starbucks cup is the best and most important accessory.

I know putting up your summer stuff is sad, not to mention the warm weather, but just think about the new trends (and coffee) to come.


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