The Biggest Week in Fashion: A Model’s Point of View

Although New York Fashion week is currently plastered over every blog, website, and social media site in the industry, you simply can’t experience every aspect of Fashion Week through your iPhone. This week I had the opportunity to interview one of the models walking in NYFW, Emily Poole. Not to mention, virtually transport myself to New York City through her stunning Instagram posts and Snapchat stories.


Emily models for Bohn Jsell Collections
Emily strikes a pose from one of her favorite shows for Irina Shabayeva

I know models make their job look easy the way they breeze down the catwalk, and pose for photo after photo, but don’t be fooled. Emily describes a typical day at NYFW starts with an early call time and “then it is a lot of waiting because it takes awhile for all the girls to get ready” Emily said.

Straight from the makeup chair to the runway, there is more waiting backstage until showtime. As if that doesn’t sound exhausting enough, “this is usually repeated a couple times a day because I usually would have multiple shows a day,” said Emily.

When not on the job, her go-to outfit was, “a pair of black skinny jeans with a simple tank top and white sneakers,” Emily described. She also stressed the importance of dressing simple yet chic in the event of a last minute casting, or in other words a visual interview for models in front of a client or casting director.

Emily looks comfy yet cute in her go to outfit while she sips her latte before a fitting

If you look up NYFW on any social media site, chances are that you will find photos of celebrities, supermodels and fashion bloggers mid-strut or pose in NYC. This fall, “the street style was very simple yet cute,” Emily said. Although, “people at shows were much more dressed up.”


Continuing with the simple trend we have been seeing everywhere, one of the trends at NYFW that Emily describes as her favorite is the clear sunglasses. She adds, “I even got a pair for myself.”

Emily sampling the clear sunglasses trend

Despite the non-stop schedule she is on, Emily is “meeting so many new people who are all working hard to put together an amazing show, and everyone is so passionate,” Emily said.

From the makeup chair, to lining up backstage, to the wobbly heels, there is a lot of chances to be uneasy and, “it is really nerve wracking, but the second I hit the runway all my nerves disappear and I feel really confident,” Emily said.





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